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We are Techtters,
We Do Data Engineering, Mobile & Web Applications Development
from Utrecht, Netherlands.

We have 14 years of experience in enterprise level application development, Data Engineering & DevOps Solutions.

What We Do

We are expertise in Data Engineering services data collection, cleaning, catalogueing, centralizing, cleaning, enriching, storing and finally serving the required data for machine learning or analytics applications and also productionizing machine learning model.


We are proficient in application development with modern architectures Microservices and Serverless Architecture on AWS, Azure clouds and Cloud-native environments.

Web & Mobile Apps

We can help you in building modern and responsive mobile and web applications for your organization on Web, Android & iOS platforms.

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What is AWS Lambda Function? How it Works?

What is AWS Lambda function and how it works? Lambda function is a popular service on AWS cloud platform. Because it is more cost efficient and easy to deploy your serverless application to production. This video also talks about Serverless Architecture /. Function as a Service, which is the actual design pattern behind the AWS Lambda

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MW Straat 99, 3543DN, Utrecht, Netherlands

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+(31) 9999 9999