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We are Techtters,
We Do Data Engineering, Mobile & Web Applications Development
from Utrecht, Netherlands.

We have 14 years of experience in enterprise level application development, Data Engineering & DevOps Solutions.

What We Do

We are expertise in Data Engineering services data collection, cleaning, catalogueing, centralizing, cleaning, enriching, storing and finally serving the required data for machine learning or analytics applications and also productionizing machine learning model.


We are proficient in application development with modern architectures Microservices and Serverless Architecture on AWS, Azure clouds and Cloud-native environments.

Web & Mobile Apps

We can help you in building modern and responsive mobile and web applications for your organization on Web, Android & iOS platforms.

Recent Blogs

How To Autoscale Pods and Nodes on AWS EKS Kubernetes Cluster [DevOps]

In this video you will learn how to deploy Cluster Autoscaler (CA), Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA), metrics server, a simple php application and finally how to do autoscaling of pods and nodes based on metrics about cpu usage and number user requests.

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#kubernetes #aws #terraform #autoscaling #hpa #eks #metricsserver

How To Create Kubernetes EKS Cluster on AWS using Terraform? [DevOps]

Terraform simplifies the provisioning infrastructure as code on different cloud environments. The following video explains how to write terraform script to deploy EKS Kubernetes cluster AWS cloud. And also you will learn how to deploy Cluster Autoscaler (CA) and Horizontal Pod Autoscaler(HPA). After deployment of the both, you will learn deploying simple php application and we will test autoscaling of application pods and based on cpu usage and user requests. And also we experiment with how to auto scale out nodes as well based on resources availability.

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What is Terraform? How to Do Infrastructure as Code [DevOps]

what is terraform or infrastructure as code
Terraform is a powerful tool where you can provision infrastructure required for your application in a declarative format. Using Terraform script you can provide infra on clouds like AWS, Azure, GCP or any cloud native environments as well.

Terraform script is looks like JSON document, so you need to to put extra efforts to learn it. Terraform provides different providers for every public cloud. You just need to refer Terraform site and re-use them for cloud environment. You can provision EC2 instances, vpc, eks clusters, ecs, s3 etc., using Terraform.

You just follow the video to learn about what is Terraform and how to connect AWS cloud from Terraform script and deploy required infrastructure using Terraform. You will learn how to configure authentication credentials to your terraform script and connect aws for the deployment of various services that you need.

#terraform #eks #aws #kubernetes #IaC #devops #devopstools

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gRPC Java Complete Tutorials | Hands-on Demo To Build Microservices (APIs)

grpc java tutorials, protocol buffers, microservices

gRPC is a modern open source framework to implement microservices in an efficient way to build high performance and highly scalable applications. gRPC uses Protocol Buffers / protobuf as data format for exchange of messages between microservices unlike REST API with JSON. gRPC enables pluggable support for authentication, load balancing, health checking and tracing. Uses HTTP/2 protocol to transport the data so allows bi-directional communication between microservices

Types of APIs in gRPC Framework To Implement Microservices

gRPC enables to build 4 different kinds of APIs where you can build using traditional RESTful framework. These features are a game changer for microservices implementation. Currently we are using RESTful architecture to build our APIs for microservices. But there is a lot of overhead while building APIs uisng REST with JSON. Since JSON data format is good for small volume of data. But for huge volumes JSON is a hell. JSON is a text document, it is good for investigate the data because it is human readable. But parsing takes a huge amount computing resources. What if you have multiple microservices that exchange huge volumes of data. That is gonna be a hell. 

gRPC solves the all problems that we faced with REST-JSON by using Protocol Buffers as data exchange format and also protocol buffers can be used to define service definitions and generating service stubs from ready made grpc /protobuf compiler provided by google. These compilers are available for around 14-15 programming languages by the time I write this blog. And also gRPC uses the latest HTTP/2 transport product which allows bi-directional streaming capability.

gRPC provides the following 4 types of APIs

  • Unary API
  • Server Streaming API
  • Client Streaming API
  • Bi-directional Streaming API
Check the following video to know more about these 4 APIs.

Docker Compose Explained with 3 Microservices Angular, Spring Boot & PostgreSQL

Docker Compose simplifies developer life easier while deploying microservices as containers. When you want to run docker containers you have to execute several commands for each and every container when you multiple containers. It take a lot of time to manage them while fixing bugs and running them again and again.  

Docker compose solves this probel by providing a single config yml file to define all docker images and configurations in a single file and can run them with a single command. In the example shown in the below video, I am explaining how Docker Compose works and how to deploy 3 microservices that Angular fron-end application, spring boot application and postgreSQL database. Check the video and learn more about docker compose.

gRPC - The NextGen Modern Framework for Microservices

gRPC is a modern framework developed by Google, that enables us to implement powerful APIs better than traditional RESTful Architecture. The APIs developed using gRPC are much efficient and faster than REST API in data exchange, since gRPC uses Protocol Buffers as data exchange format, which are binary and no need implement any special serialization process.

To know more about gRPC, check the following video, it explains the complete intro and main features gRPC framework.


Apache Spark Cluster Performance Tuning Tips

If you are running Spark cluster for your organization there are certain configurations that needs to be considered for better performance of your spark jobs. I would like to discuss those configurations in this blog.

When we talk about Spark jobs performance the first thing that comes in mind is YARN. And also the number of executors, cores, executors memory, shuffle partitions and all depends on complexity of the spark job. The size of the data it processes, size of the cluster. The following configurations are important to tune the spark cluster for better performance.

What is CICD Pipeline?

To know what is CICD? and how it can be implemented using the tools like Jenkins, GIT, Docker.

How To Download Youtube Video Without Any Tool or Software for Free?

youtube download url, youtube clip downloader,youtube video ,downloader converter

You have seen many tools and softwares on internet to download videos from Youtube. This is a hassle work, you have to download the software and install copying links and download. It tool atleast 5-10 minutes to do this work. Now I am going to give you a quick tip, you can download Youtube video in a matter of seconds.

How & Where To Get Non-Copy Righted Music For YouTube Videos?

Nowadays many people, especially YouTubers are making Short Films, Video Tutorials and videos for different purposes. YouTubers upload videos to earn some money with videos. If they use music in their videos from movies or from Music albums, the earnings will go to the creator of that music. So every YouTuber need a free and non copy righted or royalty free music to use in their videos, unless they are music composers.
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