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Sunday, June 14, 2020

What is Terraform? How to Do Infrastructure as Code [DevOps]

what is terraform or infrastructure as code
Terraform is a powerful tool where you can provision infrastructure required for your application in a declarative format. Using Terraform script you can provide infra on clouds like AWS, Azure, GCP or any cloud native environments as well.

Terraform script is looks like JSON document, so you need to to put extra efforts to learn it. Terraform provides different providers for every public cloud. You just need to refer Terraform site and re-use them for cloud environment. You can provision EC2 instances, vpc, eks clusters, ecs, s3 etc., using Terraform.

You just follow the video to learn about what is Terraform and how to connect AWS cloud from Terraform script and deploy required infrastructure using Terraform. You will learn how to configure authentication credentials to your terraform script and connect aws for the deployment of various services that you need.

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