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Friday, June 12, 2020

gRPC Java Complete Tutorials | Hands-on Demo To Build Microservices (APIs)
grpc java tutorials, protocol buffers, microservices

gRPC is a modern open source framework to implement microservices in an efficient way to build high performance and highly scalable applications. gRPC uses Protocol Buffers / protobuf as data format for exchange of messages between microservices unlike REST API with JSON. gRPC enables pluggable support for authentication, load balancing, health checking and tracing. Uses HTTP/2 protocol to transport the data so allows bi-directional communication between microservices
This framework is developed by Google and made it as opensource. This is a next generation framework that will overtake REST APIs / RESTful architecture in near future. And also you will learn
how gRPC is better than REST.

gRPC provides the capability of implementing 4 kinds pf APIs. Those are

1. Unary API: Single request from Client and single response from Server.
2. Server Streaming API: Single request from Client and stream of messages from Server.
3. Client Streaming API: Multiple requests from Client and a single response from Server.
4. Bi-directional Streaming API: Client sends multiple requests to Server, Server may respond with single response and multiple responses back to the client.

Above all the scenarios the ordering of messages is guaranteed.
The above different kinds of APIs enables many organizations to implement APIs for different usecases in microservices world and applications run small devices like IoT devices and even useful for different use cases in Edge Analytics as well.

To know more about gRPC watch the videos below thats shows hands-on demo on gRPC Java Microservices implementation.

1. Introduction gRPC API Framework

2. Types of APIs in gRPC

3. gRPC Java Project Setup to build Microservices

4. gRPC API or Service Implementation

5. gRPC Java Client Application Implementation

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