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Saturday, October 7, 2017

How & Where To Get Non-Copy Righted Music For YouTube Videos?

Nowadays many people, especially YouTubers are making Short Films, Video Tutorials and videos for different purposes. YouTubers upload videos to earn some money with videos. If they use music in their videos from movies or from Music albums, the earnings will go to the creator of that music. So every YouTuber need a free and non copy righted or royalty free music to use in their videos, unless they are music composers.

With a good research on internet I found the below resources where you will get free music, absolutely at no cost. But some sites they are asking back-link from your hosting site. So that they get good traffic to their site.


As name itself says it provides non copyright music with out any cost of single penny. It has lots of music files and every day people uploads new music files to this site, which you can use for youtube videos without any license.

The ConUnity
The Conunity is is a great website for finding and downloading free non-copyrighted music at no charge. For the historical music recordings it provided, you can use them freely.

Audionautix offers music by many genres, tempo and mood with no copyright hassles. You can even use its music for commercial purposes as long as you provide a link to this website or list it in your credits.


Bensound provides absolutely non royalty videos for free. But you must provide a back link to their site as "Music: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music or "Music: Song title - Bensound.com". There are a lot of category music like folk

Free Stock Music 

They claim that they provide 100 % Free Production Music. You can get best sounds Pop, Cinematic, Rock & Roll, Corporate, Action and many types of music. Try it out.

Public Domain 4U

Publicdomain4u.com is a good music resource for finding and downloading free non-royalty music at no cost. You can use music freely since there are no any intellectual property rights attached to them. For modern musics, you need to take artist permission.

That's all from my selection. There are lot of resources over internet, if you know something is much better than the site links that I provided, please put them in comment box. So it will be useful others as well.

I will post about how to get non-copy righted images and videos as well very soon. Keep visit my blog.

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