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How To Watch Restricted Videos In Your Country on YouTube?

You might have seen the message "This content or video is not available in your country" while watching some videos. There are some videos on Youtube which are limited to some countries due to copy right issues or may be specific reason is the uploader has made the video not available in your country.  There is a trick still you can watch those those restricted videos in your country.

 Hola VPN / Proxy Service App

Just download the Hola Chrome extension or Mozilla Add-on if you are using Firefox browser. Hola is a proxy or VPN application which will mask your IPAddress and change the ipaddess of your machine based on chosen country by you. It is a free and ad-free VPN proxy service that provides a faster and more open Internet.

Once you installed the Hola extension or add-on Just click on Hola icon on top right corner on your browser, then will show you the number of countries list. You need to select preferred country and select unblock. That's it ..You have done now you can open Youtube on browser and check whether you can watch the video that was restricted in your country where you are now.

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