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How To Convert YouTube Video or Create GiF Video in Just 30 Sec?

Nowadays, GIF or Gipgy images is a new way of expressing your feelings on Social Media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, Telegram, etc. It's a short video and tells you a lot about what your friend wanted express. Many of you wonder how to they create a specific part of video. You would have thought it may be edited in a Video editor software and crested by some professional. Absolutely your thought is wrong. Its a very simple and and easy to create in just 30seconds, if you follow below steps.

1. Go to http://youtube.com and select any vodeo that you want to create a GIF. And then address bar of browser just type "gif" in-front of  the you tube link like "http://gifyoutube.com/abcde/xyzser/" as show in below image.

2. It will take you to another site(gifs.com) where you will see the selected video on youtube is palying. Here you need to select the start time, end time and finish time of the video.

3. Once it sis done, check your desired part of the video is chosen correctly with preview, then "Create gif" button on the page.

4. You will observe the pop-up where you can see many social media apps like facebook, twitter, etc to share. if you want you can proceed or just click on 'X' or 'No Thanks'.

5. You can also see the option to edit the video name, caption abd other effects for the video.

6. Once everything is finalized you can click on "Download GIF". That's it you have created your GIF. You can share it wherever you want it.

7. But finally don't forget to put your comment and share this post with your friends. Thanks and enjoy..

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