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How To Force Official OTA Lollipop 5.0 Update To Your Phone or Tab?

If you don't believe on 3rd party tools to update Lollipop 5.0 version on your mobile. Just follow the steps given below. People say you should not do this because it will corrupt apps on mobile. Of course but that is not a big impact. There is a trick to avoid that as well.

1. Go to settings
2. Apps ->All running Apps
3. Next-> Google Framework Service -> Click on it.
4. Clear Cache and data.
5. Tap on  Force close.
6. Tap on Disable
7. Switch off mobile.
8. Switch on mobile.
9. Go to Google Framework Service in settings ad said above.
10. Clear data n cache.
11. Enable it.
12. Go to About Phone in settings.
13. Tap on System Update.
14. Tap on Check now.

That's it you will get official update alert within 5 seconds.

To avoid other issues just reset to factory reset your phone. So you won't get any app issues. It's proved.
No need to wait and no need to worry you just go ahead.

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