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How To Screen Cast Nexus 5 to Samsung Smart TV

Recently I bought Nexus 5. I want to tell you here now about one excellent feature of Nexus 5. Everyone saying about so many features that very common in many phones. But no one knows about this feature.

i.e Cast Screen. I don't know is this Cast Screen feature is introduced in Kitkat. or only in Nexus 5. But I think this option will be available on all android version later than 4.4. Using Cast Screen, you can make your smart TV into a big mobile screen. I mean to say you can see your mobile screen on your big TV.

To enable this option, just go to 
  • Settings on your Nexus 5 ->Display ->Cast Screen 
  • On right side top, tap on 3 dots (settings), select on "Enable wireless display" as shown in the image right side.
Before setting this you have to
  • choose Screen Mirroring option from your TV, which you can find on TV remote control or from Menu ->Network -> AllShare Settings ->Screen Mirroring.  
  • After selecting this option, now your TV is ready to connect any wireless device compatible with screen casting option. See image below.

Once you have selected Cast Screen option on your Nexus 5,
  • It will show you Smart TV name, then select TV. 
  • Now your mobile will try to connect with Smart TV. 
  • Finally it will show your mobile screen on your TV.  
  • Just see below image, that I have mirrored (screen casted) my camera screen with my TV and took a photo. Its look a bit funny right??

This feature very intelligent feature and more useful when you want to see photos in your mobile in bigger view. Even videos that you have shot with mobile can be played without any physical connection to your TV.

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