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MindMeister: A Free Powerful Mind Mapping Tool

You could have seen many mind mapping tools like Blumind, Freemind. You need to download these softwares and you work. But unlike these softwares MindMeister allows you to create mind map on web browsers like IE or Firefox.

Each node of MindMeister will have its own icon, color, font and text style. If you have more than few words to say about an idea, you can attach a note to it and you can add URLs and add attachments to it.
You can use MindMeister as a project management system of sorts: Any idea can be made into a task, given a priority (on a scale of one to seven), a due date, a completion percentage, and an assignee. Each of these changes is reflected visually on the mind map, so you can see all task properties at a glance.

  • Use it as project management tool
  • You can collabarate by sending an email other persons, the changes you make on it can be seen by user at remote location.
  • History View allows you to travel back in time and check previous version of mind map.
  • Works for Google Apps for business users.
It's a great tool which will collabarate your ideas visually.

  • License Type: Free
    Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP
    Requirements: Internet connection, Web browser
    Author: MeisterLabs
Download Android App / iPhone App: [MindMeister] 

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