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How To Access Your Office PC Remotely?

Just remember the day that you have forgotten to send a official document which exists in office computer.  Now you are away from office. Like this many people would have faced this kind of incident at least once.
No need to worry and no need to go back to office to send that document now. There are free softwares available on web using them you can connect your office computer remotely and can do all the things that you do usually when you are in office.

LogMeIn (https://secure.logmein.com)
·         Just sign up for an account with an e-mail address.
·         Install a small host application on the computer you will be accessing from afar.
·         You’ll be able to access your main computer through any internet-connected computer by going to LogMeIn and typing in your user name and password.
·         Your main computer will then be one button-click away.

With LogMeIn, everything takes place within a web browser. You’ll see your remote computer’s desktop, just as you left it, and have access to all of its files and e-mail.

Download the LogMeIn here.

There are, however, always limitations with the free versions of third-party remote control solutions.
  • You cannot transfer files from the remote machine to whichever one you’re using to access your main computer. You can send the documents via e-mail and transfer the files.
  • Another limitation is that the free version of LogMeIn will not “wake” your computer up if it’s asleep, so you’ll have to remember to disable any automatic power-down feature before you leave home.

Other popular, free remote control solutions include TeamViewer (http://www.teamviewer.com) and Yuuguu (http://www.yuuguu.com).

Research the limitations of the free versions of all of these products to see which one best suits your needs.

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